Break Up With Your Lease Program


Are you feeling overwhelmed because you recently relocated to Colorado and had to quickly find a rental without having the time to search for a home to buy? Do you want to explore an area before settling down permanently, or maybe you’re not happy with your current rental or landlord? Or perhaps you’re ready to start building your equity in a home now and not wait until your lease is over?

If any of these scenarios resonate with you, the Break Up With Your Lease Program by Core Home Team with HomeSmart could be an excellent solution. This program is designed to help renters who need to move quickly and may be nervous about searching for a new home when their lease is almost completed. It’s also ideal for those who are not satisfied with their current rental situation.

With the Break Up With Your Lease Program, you can find a new home to purchase quickly and efficiently, even if you’re currently under a lease agreement. The program provides guidance and support throughout the home buying process, making it easier for you to transition from renting to owning. So if you’re ready to start building equity in your own home and want to break free from the limitations of renting, the Break Up With Your Lease Program may be the perfect fit for you.


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*Rebate offered is based on 2.5% minimum commission co-op to the buyer’s agent. Commissions that are less than 2.5% do not qualify for the rebate program. Rebates will not apply if the seller, builder or individual is offering less than 2.5% commission to a buyer’s agent. Rebate amount based on Buyers purchase price of a new home. Must provide current lease to Core Team Member for proof of existing lease. Rebate is only applied to closing costs on the closing date. Rebate may not cover full lease termination fine, buyer/tenants responsibility to read lease in its entirety and know the repercussions a landlord has if tenant chooses to break their lease. Rebate is subject to lender approval. May not be combined with other broker rebates or discounts. Some restrictions may apply. 

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